New Orleans Lighting Services

We’ve been in business since 2012 and never close our doors. Let us show you collaborative¬†customer service along with the¬†value of our high-quality LEDs.


NOLA LED provides free consultations and estimates to any interested customer. To show you our dedication to helping you save, we will come directly to your home or business. Not only will we give you a quote, we’ll personally show you the best way to convert your existing lighting and provide energy audits to show your potential savings.
  • We provide a personal experience
  • We come to you
  • We help you save
  • We show you the best way to save


NOLA LED will come directly to your home or business to give a live demo with our LED trailer. In our live demo, our knowledgeable staff can educate you on LED products by physically showing you the difference and the savings!
  • LED trailer for live demonstrations
  • Visually see the LED difference
  • Compare your savings in real time
  • Find out why to convert
  • Understand the pros/cons of incandescent
  • Better understand clean energy


NOLA LED can provide custom, design solutions for your home or business. Based on your current floor plans, rennovation ideas or construction blueprints, we can design unique and stunning interiors and exteriors for your home or business, as well as help you save!
  • Sign Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Back Lighting
  • Edge Lighting
  • Design New Lighting
  • Expert Opinions on Lighting Placement
  • Expert Opinions on Color Selection
  • Modify Current Lighting Plans


NOLA LED can retrofit or change your current florescent/halogen lighting, with energy efficient products.
  • Low Energy
  • Low Heat
  • No Ballast
  • LED Lighting
  • NO Ballast


NOLA LED has an experienced team of licensed electricians that can replace and install your new LED lighting solution.
  • Custom Design and Layout of Lighting
  • Removal/replacement of existing fixtures with LED
  • Fixtures with LED
  • Licensed Electrician

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