National Gypsum Westwego

10 Louisiana St, Westwego, LA 70094


After walking the facility & assessing the existing inefficient lighting we decided to change the existing (250) 400W metal halide high bay fixtures with (162) 150W LED high bay fixtures & (88) 200W LED high bay fixtures in the production warehouse. We chose to install our GI industrial high bays with 110-degree optics & an aluminum reflector to cast all available light downwards. We also replaced (50) 70W 2-lamp 4ft T8 fluorescent hanging fixtures with (50) 48W LED-hanging fixtures on the wet end of the board line. This is where production of the gypsum board begins so it was very important to have efficient lighting in this area. We were able to complete the install in 2 weeks without disrupting gypsum production.





National Gypsum is one of the largest gypsum board producers in the world. They
have 17 operating gypsum board plants located in the US that run 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. The existing board production lines & warehouse lighting consisted of 400W metal halide high bay fixtures that run 24/7/365. The existing light fixtures did not provide the necessary lumen output that NGC was looking for & was costing them twice as much as an LED equivalent. Our proposal consisted of changing (250) of the 400W metal halide high bay fixtures to 150W & 200W LED high bay fixtures in order to provide the necessary lumen output while saving substantial energy costs.


After our installation of the (300) integrated LED fixtures, NGC was immediately
pleased with the visual results. In some instances, the lumen output at ground level was increased by 200%. The work environment was safer & employees were able to do their job more efficiently. The energy savings was noticed within the first month of the install. National Gypsum Westwego is now saving over $70,000
annually on their energy bill as a result of this project & they will be able to return their investment in less than 2 years. The maintenance cost of buying replacement bulbs & ballasts, as well as the labor costs to change them has gone down drastically.


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